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Helping Kiwi kids!

Eight months ago my husband, our two children and I entered into the world of fostering. What a humbling and incredible journey we have been on... It's been the best thing we as a family have ever decided to do. Lucky that we live in such a loving and generous community that once word got round that we had 2 new littlies, bags of beautiful second hand and even brand new clothing arrived at our door. This was greatly recieved and the girls loved it.

This has prompted me with the support of my family and friends to set up a non profit charitiable trust which I am calling 'Roundabout'. The name 'Roundabout' is after those iconic Kiwiana playground features we all loved back when I was a Kiwi kid. 

The aim is to provide a bag of clothing which will be delivered to the Foster parents home for their Foster children which will provide a wee bit extra clothing and bring a smile to everyones faces.


London, UK

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cape Town, South Africa

Marrakesh, Morocco

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